Valley Torah’s Blood Drive, An Amazing Success!

Not many people chose voluntarily to lie down on a cold platform with a needle in their arm. On Wednesday, December 19, students, parents, and many other volunteers from throughout the community set this discomfort aside and participated in Valley Torah’s biannual Blood Drive.

Many weeks prior to the actual Blood Drive, Jake Schochet (’19) frantically searched for potential donors, advertising it everywhere from his personal social media stories to the local billboards from shuls such as Shaarey Zedek.

Aided by the administration, who sent multiple emails to both parents and students, Jake was able to set up close to 50 appointments, far eclipsing the Red Cross’s goal of 38. In response to the turnout, Jake commented in an interview with The Scroll that he is overjoyed with the overall success with the Drive.

“Coming into the last week before the Blood Drive, I was very scared that I may not have been able to fill up all the spots,” said Jake. “Thanks to the extensive efforts of all the students, parents, and members of the Valley Village and Sherman Oaks communities, we were able to put on a true kiddush Hashem for the Red Cross. It also doesn’t hurt that we had the potential to save many lives today.”

Starting from 10:00 AM and going all the way until 4:00 PM, Valley Torah’s dining room was transformed into the donation center. Consisting of both Red Cross employees as well as donors, there were as many as 15 to 20 people in the room at the same time.  With Meir Weinfeld (’20) working with Jake to make sure the Drive went smoothly, Valley Torah truly sent out their A-team of volunteers.

In the end, 46 people donated, including Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Stulberger, General Studies Principal Mr. Kleinman, and well as Director of Operations Rabbi Feiglin. With each donation of one pint, up to three lives could have been saved. Altogether, Valley Torah’s Blood Drive had the potential to save 138 lives! Quite the reward for a few moments of discomfort.

Akiva Kamornick is a staff writer for The Valley Torah Scroll. He is currently a member Class of 2019.

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