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parshat vayera: Rising Above and Preserving Jewish Identity

In this week’s Parsha, when Hashem speaks to Mosheh, He uses four phrases of “redemption”: Vehotzaiti, Vehitzalti, Vega’alti, and Velakachti. The Netivot Shalom explains that these phrases represent the four different redemptions that took place. Hashem first “took us out” of the corruption and immorality of Egyptian culture, which they had been bombarded with for hundreds of years (the first redemption). The second stage was to “save them”, each person

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The Torah in Parashat Korah delineates the twenty-four “Matenot Kehuna” – gifts that the Kohanim are to receive from the rest of the nation. After listing all the various gifts, G-d commands Moshe to tell Aharon that these gifts are a “Berit Melah Olam” – literally, “an eternal covenant of salt” (18:19). Different approaches have been taken to explain the

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Parashat Sh’lach – Positive Evaluation

Viewpoints can be found throughout our nation’s history, whether it’d be Avraham’s viewpoints on who the master of the world is down to who the Jews thought should be king after Shlomo Hamelech’s passing. From explaining why some people did a certain action down to how they view the world, subjectivity is crucial in developing a person. While Hakadosh Baruch

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A conversation with dr. presbi: Fiber-optics, intelligent Design, and the big bang

This past Thursday, May 13, 2021, Valley Torah students gathered in the outdoor Beis Midrash tent for a talk with world-renowned physicist Dr. Chaim Presby regarding an array of topics ranging from his work with fiber-optics to his viewpoint on macroevolution and intelligent design. Dr. Presby is a senior lecturer for outreach programs associated with Gateways and has been a

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Parashat Bechukotai – Fear and Love of Hakadosh Baruch Hu

Although this article will be discussing punishments, it is still heartbreaking to witness a tragic incident. Along with the rest of the Jewish nation, I am devastated because of the horrific events of last week’s Meron tragedy. May it be the last tragedy the Jewish nation ever faces. Bechukotai has more Psukim discussing curses than blessings. Specifically, while the list

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PARSHAT MISHPATIM: Do You Communicate?

For the eternal merit to the soul of my grandfather Yitzchak Aziz Ben Mashallah Hacohen A”H The great revelation at Sinai was a most significant moment in the experience of communication. The event is described as an experience like “eating and drinking;” a real, live, enjoyable experience. Moshe, the leader of the people, achieved an even greater level of communication

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