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PARSHAT BAMIDBAR: The Greater the Person is, the Greater the Load he is Given

This week’s parsha delineates the various responsibilities of the Levi’im. “And the assignment of Elazar ben Aaron HaKohein is the oil of illumination, the spices of the incense, the daily flour offering and the anointment oil” (Bamidbar 4, 16). Rashi cites the Gemara Yerushalmi which explains that Elazar was not merely charged with overseeing that the above items were transferred

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Valley Torah Boys Return to statewide Mock Trial Tournament – now on zoom

In the first week of September, the Constitutional Rights Foundation (CRF) announced the restart of the National Mock Trial Competition. This year the CRF announced that while the organization is not canceling the competition due to COVID-19, they will complete the competition via Zoom. What this meant for David Kerendian (’22) and I (’22), co-captains of the VTHS boys’ team,

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