The top 5 reasons why Los Angeles is the best city to live in


One thing that makes a city so great is the people. Without diversity in the population, it is hard to find a city where everyone could be happy in the community. In Los Angeles, there is such a diverse population that almost anyone in the world who comes to the city could find people with whom they could connect to. Some people like sticking to cities where everyone where they can connect to and for those people, Los Angeles would not be a good pick


Another major criterion for a good city is a large population. With A population of over 3.8 million people, Los Angeles is one of the most populated cities in the US. A high population means that individuals have easier access to so much more. On average it is harder and more time-consuming for people in less populated places to get to places like a hardware store or a locksmith; there are just not enough people for a hardware store or locksmith to open up in every 5-mile radius. A large population also means more fish to pick out of; one is not as confined to who they would be friends/lovers. 

Coastal Front:

One thing almost every major city in the world has in common is that they are located next to a beach. Many cities have beaches but a good beach needs good weather, good looks, and activities. Los Angeles does not only have beaches near it but has some of the best beaches in the world. The weather is good during summertime where it is not too cold to go into the water and not too hot to the point where out of water activities are unbearable. The beaches here are also relatively clean and have many attractions all around the beach like volleyball courts, piers, and bike rentals.


A city must have a vast number and variety of activities. In Los Angeles, there are thousands of activities available for all sorts of people; One could visit one of the many museums, go to theme parks like Universal Studios and Disneyland, or go to the hundreds of clubs and bars. 


Without a doubt, where ever someone lives, they are looking for a good location. What stands out about Los Angeles is its location. Within the city because of the high population, there is almost every type of store within a 20-minute ride. Many loved places in La are unique or rare like Disneyland and Hollywood. La is also within driving distance to so many different terrains and national parks. In an 8-hour drive from La, one could get to Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Zion Park, Bigbear, San Diego, Mexico, San Francisco, and many more places. 

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