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This week’s Parsha is Metzora, which focuses on many things. One very important thing that the Parsha discusses is the tzaraat: a heaven-sent disease that was inflicted upon people due to their misdeeds, most commonly Lashon Hara. To gain atonement for a sin so great that it deserved tzaraat, a person must vanquish himself totally of the moral underlying flaw inside of

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An Update: Running Reflections Part 2

It’s now Motzei Shabbos, March 19, 2022. Friday was Shushan Purim and Klal Yisroel suffered a terrible tragedy: the loss of Maran HaRav Chaim Kanievsky zt”l. This awful news strengthened my resolve to still attempt to achieve my next goal to be able to grow in my ruchnius in memory of the Godol Hador. Which goal? Friday happened to be the day that I had set for myself to

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We, Again, Are Left Heartbroken; May Their Memories Be A Blessing

From March 22 to April 7, 2022, fourteen innocent civilians were murdered. Twenty-eight parents will live the rest of their lives without ever hugging their child again. Fifteen children will grow up without their biological parent. Fifty-six grandparents won’t see their grandchild sitting at the dinner table on holiday nights again. Three wives and two husbands will never get to

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VTHS Wolfpack Wins 2022 Red Sarachek Championships In all-time Best and Historic Performance

On Monday afternoon, a new Sarachek champion was crowned. In front of a deafening crowd at Yeshiva University’s Max Stern Athletic Center, the Valley Torah Wolfpack (#2-seeded) defeated the DRS Wildcats (#4-seeded) 55-45 to win the 2022 Sarachek Tournamnent in four games and capture the Wolfpack’s first Red Sarachek Championship in 30 years.  The historic final playoff was action-packed from start to

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