Valley Torah Hosts Its Annual Open House

On Wednesday, November 13th, Valley Torah hosted its annual Open House. 

The event began at 6:30. As prospective students walked in, they were greeted by Rabbeim and Student Ambassadors and walked into the check-in area. There, they received a personalized badge, a folder containing material on what our school has to offer, and a kippah with the Valley Torah emblem. The prospective students, along with their parents, were then taken on a tour of the second floor, where they were told of some of the amazing opportunities and activities the school provides for its students. At the end of the tour, the students were given slushies and fresh chocolate chip cookies, and were brought along with their parents to the Bais Medrash.

In the Bais Medrash, the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Stulberger, spoke about what makes a Valley Torah student. He was followed by Rabbi Semmel, our Judaic Studies Principal, and Mr. Kleinman, our General Studies Principal who discussed the components of each respective program. The final speaker was Rabbi Davidowitz, our Judaic Studies Assistant Principal, who described campus life through Shabbatonim, Onegs, and the other events that happen throughout the year.

After being told about the schedule for the night, the guests visited some of Valley Torah’s finest, that is, our teachers, to sit in on a model lesson. Mr. Hoffman represented the english department, Mr. Joseph the science department, and Mr. Barkai the math department. Rabbi Biron, Rabbi Davidowitz, and Rabbi Samuels represented our Torah classes as well by giving mini-shiurim on Halacha, Chumash, and Gemara. 

The scheduled programming concluded with a speech by a long-time Valley Torah parent, Jason Bayever, and by some of our own students, including David Kerendian, Samy Kohanteb, Yonah Hami, and Moshe Litenatsky. 

The guests then went to the sports court for a delectable dessert reception. There, they were treated to popcorn, funnel cakes, slushies, sushi, and much more. The future Valley Torah students also received Valley Torah backpacks and a chance to spin the wheel, where they could win even more Valley Torah merch. 

Thank you to Rabbi Grama, staff, and all the ambassadors for creating such a fantastic event. 

Micha Bayever (’20) is the Managing Editor for The Valley Torah Scroll’s Current Events section.

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