Valley Torah Boys Participate in Statewide Mock Trial Tournament

For the second year in a row, Valley Torah had the opportunity to take part in the California Mock Trial State Competition, in which hundreds of schools, across both California and the country, learn skills such as public speaking, critical thinking, and organized debate. Each team plays against another in a genuine court setting.

Approximately a dozen of Valley Torah’s best and brightest spent well over a month practicing for the competition, some taking the part of witnesses or attorneys in a murder case, while others took other roles, such as bailiff, clerk, and official timer. Each student was able to learn about our country’s Judicial system and broaden their understanding about the role lawyers and judges play in the system. 

The team played the part of the prosecution for a homicide case on November 4th, acting as the defense for the same case the following week, on November 12th. Each side of the case presented a different challenge to the team, and each of the students learned to effectively understand and argue both sides of the case. 

“It was a very rewarding experience,” said Micha Bayever, attorney and team captain. “I’m really proud of everyone on the team; the whole process was a lot of fun and very interesting.”

As to whether the team will continue to the next round of the competition, the jury is still out.

Yitzi Dear (’20) is a Managing Editor for The Valley Torah Scroll’s Student Life Section.

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