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UBI: An Unexpected Antidote

UBI – an Unexpected Antidote to the Nanny State and Bloated Bureaucracy  This article was written by Schneur Friedman (’21), the Managing Editor of the Op-Eds Section of the Valley Torah Scroll. If you’ve peered at the Google news tab or browsed the front page of Reddit out of boredom or curiosity over the past year you’ll likely have encountered

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“Snowflake Culture” Comes From Both Sides…Especially at Valley Torah

Unless you have been living under a very large rock there is no doubt you have heard the term “snowflake”—a derogatory term placed on someone who gets easily offended. Commonly used to put down people on the left side of the political spectrum, a snowflake believes that they are, for some reason or another, entitled to special treatment. Recently, however,

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