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“Snowflake Culture” Comes From Both Sides…Especially at Valley Torah

Unless you have been living under a very large rock there is no doubt you have heard the term “snowflake”—a derogatory term placed on someone who gets easily offended. Commonly used to put down people on the left side of the political spectrum, a snowflake believes that they are, for some reason or another, entitled to special treatment. Recently, however,

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Valley Torah Student Featured in Jewish Journal’s ‘Mensch List’!

This past week in the Jewish Journal, you a familiar face appears on page #21. Student-body co-president and Scroll media director Jake Schochet (‘19) was a feature on the Jewish Journal’s annual “Mensch List”. Under the title “Class Pres and Special-Needs Advocate,” Jake’s leadership and volunteering enterprises were highlighted in addition to quotes from Jake explaining his motives for becoming

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