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Fallacies of Articles Past

In 2019 – when I first started at the VT Scroll as the Opinion Editor – I wrote a relatively bulky article titled “UBI: An Unexpected Antidote”. In it, I discussed the merits of universal basic income as a replacement for the current welfare regime – particularly in how it could reduce bureaucracy. Notably, I argued at the time that

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A simpler cure to Corruption – featuring original research

In 2014 a report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies placed the annual global cost of corruption at over a trillion United States dollars. For context, that accounted for 1.3 percent of global GDP in 2014.  Years later, a 2018 report issued by the World Economic Forum estimated corruption consumed 5 percent of global GDP.   While estimates vary

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Against Internship-interventionism

The earlier half of October saw the European Parliament – a legislature elected by citizens of European Union member states – vote on a resolution which, amongst other items, called for a ban on unpaid internships. The vote passed with eight-two percent in favor, eleven percent opposed, and the remainder abstaining.  The resolution emphatically condemns unpaid internships as a violation

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