VTHS Varsity Basketball Team 2018-19

The Glouberman Tournament is over and the varsity basketball regular season is already underway. So far the team has a record of 8-3. Despite a poor showing in the Glouberman tournament, which saw the team go 1-3 and get eliminated early, the team has looked good this season, even after losing four of their starting five from last year. Led by starters Liorel Bitton (’19), Yonah Hami (’20), Akiva Kamornick (’19), Yosee Kreitenberg (’20), and Jacob Cohn (’19), the team wants to prove that they are still a force to be reckoned with. The team will be going to the Sarachek Tournament this year so they are looking to possibly win that as the underdog this year, along with their hopeful CIF division success. The other members of the team include Yoane Bitton (’21), Benji Dan (’21), David Paz (’22), Uziel Mermelstein (’22), and David Abezis (’22). Both the starters and the bench are very talented and have the ability to surprise a few, both in Sarachek and in CIF. The team is confident that they can make the CIF playoffs and maybe even the championship. Winning Sarachek has been the dream for the Valley Torah basketball team for a while, and maybe this team will be the ones to finally do it. They won their last game with a score of 54-41 so they definitely will try to keep it up if they want a shot at a CIF or Sarachek title. As a current team member and future team star, Benji Dan confidently said, “We’re going to have a good season. Liorel is a great point guard and Yonah Hami leads the team in scoring. We have great teamwork and shoot the ball well.” Be sure to follow each basketball game as they continue their quest to shock Jewish basketball.


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