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Valley Torah Boys Return to statewide Mock Trial Tournament – now on zoom

In the first week of September, the Constitutional Rights Foundation (CRF) announced the restart of the National Mock Trial Competition. This year the CRF announced that while the organization is not canceling the competition due to COVID-19, they will complete the competition via Zoom. What this meant for David Kerendian (’22) and I (’22), co-captains of the VTHS boys’ team,

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SAt / act in 2020?

As a high school student now trying to apply to college, we all face a similar situation due to COVID-19: should we take the SAT or ACT?  Because of the Global Pandemic, the College Board and American College Testing organizations, creators of these standardized tests, asked colleges for the upcoming year to be sympathetic to high schoolers and acknowledge that

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Parshas VaYeitze: Finding Light in the Darkness

Parshas Vayeitzei begins off with Yaacov Avinu moving from Be’er Sheva to Charan. The words the Torah uses to say Yaacov arrived was וַיִּפְגַּ֨ע בַּמָּק֜וֹם – and he reached the place. Rashi learns out that through the word וַיִּפְגַּ֨ע, it means that Yaacov compiled the Tefillah Maariv. But why does Rashi learn that it means initiating a Tefillah, and not

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