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Ethical Biology: Fusing Science and Halacha.

The Bioethics course, a new opportunity offered to the Seniors, has given a philosophical perspective about the medical field. Meeting every Monday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the seniors are instructed by Rabbi Weiner, the Chaplain of the Hospital. Our class normally meets in the simulation center where we learn and become exposed to certain operations and halachic ramifications with each

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Fall Shabbaton 2019-20: An Unforgettable Experience

This article was written by Moshe Khoshbakhsh (’22), a Staff Writer for The Valley Torah Scroll. It was finally the day! The Valley Torah High School Fall Shabbaton was announced and excitement burst through the entire school, with students everywhere anticipating how fun it would be! Though November 1st was the sign up deadline, hordes of students had eagerly registered

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Valley Torah Boys Participate in Statewide Mock Trial Tournament

For the second year in a row, Valley Torah had the opportunity to take part in the California Mock Trial State Competition, in which hundreds of schools, across both California and the country, learn skills such as public speaking, critical thinking, and organized debate. Each team plays against another in a genuine court setting. Approximately a dozen of Valley Torah’s

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The Environmental Impact recycling can have and how Valley Torah’s E.A.C. Is addressing it

A substantial amount of the Valley Torah Environmental Awareness Club’s advocacy is directed towards the importance of recycling. The club (known as E.A.C.) believes it is essential for students to gain an understanding as to why recycling is so important. To put it simply, planet Earth has a limited quantity of natural resources- some of which are in very short

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Shabbaton 2018-19: A Weekend of Achdus and School Spirit

Of the many events in a Valley Torah Student’s career, one that can’t be missed is the annual winter Shabbaton. Much like all of the other meticulously planned school events, the Shabbaton has been designed for decades by our Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Stulberger, and graciously executed by Rabbi Semmel and other administrators over the times, as a weekend where students

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