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The ENVIRONMENTAL Damage Plastic water bottles cause and how Valley Torah’s E.A.C. is addressing it

For over the past 50 years, the world has been facing an enduring ecological crisis. Plastic waste is polluting the world’s oceans, rivers, and streams, leaking toxins and harmful materials into the water we, and so many other species, drink. Once in marine environments, littered plastics often absorb chemical pollutants and become storehouses for toxic materials. Aquatic animals usually consume

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ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS of the COVID-19 lockdown- a statistical analysis is needed

The image above is satellite imagery of the air pollution levels in China, the virus’s origin, in 2019, left, vs 2020, right. Photograph: Guardian Visuals / ESA satellite data. ** The novel Coronavirus pandemic has made the headlines of practically every media news story, every day, for the past 6 months. Schools have been shut down, restaurants are closed, and

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The Environmental Impact recycling can have and how Valley Torah’s E.A.C. Is addressing it

A substantial amount of the Valley Torah Environmental Awareness Club’s advocacy is directed towards the importance of recycling. The club (known as E.A.C.) believes it is essential for students to gain an understanding as to why recycling is so important. To put it simply, planet Earth has a limited quantity of natural resources- some of which are in very short

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